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Neon fruit

The Neon Fruit slot machine is designed for maximum fun. It can be a great time pass at home or while visiting with family and friends. You can find the...

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Suicide squad

The Suicide Squad slot machine is a new slot machine to be introduced at online casinos very soon. According to the movie of the same name, this is an interactive...

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Miss wildfire

Wildfire is one of the most loved themes in this game. As a result, several manufacturers have offered numerous free spins feature on their products featuring Wildfire. However, some manufacturers...

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Giant grizzly

If you enjoy playing the casino games but are not too fond of the prospect of gambling then the Giant Grizzly is the game for you. This is one of...

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Keno is a unique form of casino gambling that originated in Japan. In the year 825, Japanese fishermen developed an ingenious system for luring edible plankton back to their nests...

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Chronos joker

The Chronos Joker is a highly popular casino game that has been introduced just recently to the US Casino Scene. This fast paced slot is part of the new wave...

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Thunder reels

The best way to play Thunder Reels in the highest possible stakes is to use the spin and pay-lines strategy. The spin pay-lines are the symbols that appear on your...

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Wild rails

Wild Rails is the third installment in the popular and much-maligned Wild Rails series. A slight variation on the theme of its predecessors, Wild Rails takes us to an alternate...

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Premium roulette

Premium Roulette is without doubt one of the most popular online casino games around today. This is because many people enjoy playing this casino game in its most popular version...

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